I have a full time job that keeps me busy for about 45 hours per week. Outside that, I have a family, including a young daughter, that keep my busy. Outside THAT, I have some time to proofread and edit scientific and research papers, assignments, and theses. My qualifications for this work are solely down to my own publication history, including a PhD (see my CV) and that I am a native English speaker. Most of my work has been for students from countries such as Bangladesh, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and, most frequently (see About Me for the reason why), Indonesia. Below you’ll find a list of some of the academic fields for which I have edited papers and theses.

I do charge for my services, but I have no fixed rates. I don’t charge per word or per page. The cost will depend, up to a maximum amount, on how much time and effort is required for me to feel like your work reads well in English. As such, the more work you put in to making your paper readable, the less work for me to do, and the less it costs you.

My only requirment when accepting work is time. I generally can’t take on work that needs to be completed tomorrow. A full PhD thesis might require at least a fortnight of free time, a journal paper might be a week, a conference paper at least a few days. What I’d really like is to be brought on at the start of a writing effort as part of the team. The earlier I can start providing feedback on the writing, the better the outcome will be, and in a shorter time frame.

If you want to discuss some potential editing work, send me an email to anthony@anthonycramp.name.

Past Work

  • Computer Science
  • Education
  • Nursing
  • Social Sciences